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Looking back through old notebooks I came upon a single line I had written in about 2004. The Line was “This is a collection of short answers to a long question.” So today I started from there, and the poem Short Answers is here for your perusal.

Short Answers.

This is a collection of short answers to a long question.
Miss the answer, the question loses its starting point,
becomes a line between here and there,
is this a good thing?

It is never about reaching the summit.
Or because it is there.
It is about what lies between.
How do we cross from one side to the other?

What starts in parallel meets at the horizon.
You never can tell if it meets or not in the end.
You can walk as far as you choose, the end is not there.
Does this worry you at night in the dark?

Time is what you see around you as you travel.
Be surprised, and remember to smile during the day.