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Beginning the second week, and today this post has crept into the afternoon. A good walk on Saturday and a visit to help with some skirting boards on Sunday meant a late start today. We Drove home in the dark last night, we talked and were silent, comfortable knowing there is a few days to regroup. Today’s poem is a starting point, the continuation of a conversation. I like driving in the dark, the quiet, the short words that pass between us, no rush to get there and glimpses of animals in the hedgerows. Plan are made and ideas explored, so this is just the fragment of the idea that we talked about, before getting home to coffee and bed.

A Fragment of What You Want.

People always talk of words in poems,
but you see the spaces in mine.
You say ‘show me more’ or ‘let me in’,
as if there is a door or gate to swing open.
You ask for narrative when I give you gaps,
you hear the pauses where the story is
and ask the questions I can’t answer
with my skewed ideas. You pull at me,
looking for something and I don’t know
what you’re looking for.