World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day, so I feel duty bound to post something. It is a day when we celebrate poets and poetry around the world, here’s to you all, I raise a glass in your honour.

In other poetry related news, I have signed up for NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month. Doesn’t really trip of the tongue does it? With the idea of wordsmiths scribbling they could have tried harder. Anyway, it means that during April I will be trying to post a poem a day for each day. It remains to be seen how I get on and I’m not sure of the rules, whether they need to be brand spanking new, or are rewrites acceptable, maybe never seen before work. Can you cheat and use fragments and in progress. I’ll see how it goes anyway. Wish me luck.

Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton

Todays offering is short and sweet, inspired by a post on the words and photography site of In My Back Pocket Photography

There Will Be Other Sunsets.

There will be other times
when we stop on the road
and look into the sky.
When we rush from the house
down to the sea on a stormy day
to see the waves crashing over.

There will be other sunsets
we will stand watching,
waiting for the last light
to dip beneath the sea.
There will be other moments
we remember when night falls.

4 thoughts on “World Poetry Day

  1. Hey there, Jim:

    Sunsets in the last few days have been entities searched for within photos; an Alberta beat box musician wishes to create slideshow backdrop for recent tunes – Jesse Thom; for him, sunsets, a younger brother with Leukemia diagnosed coincide in remembrance. Check out ‘ten little fingers (Hinton)’ by Jesse Thom … perhaps appropriate for World Poetry Day.

    “There will be other moments
    we remember when night falls.”

    Definitely … wholehearted remembering when night falls. Good schtuff!


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