Far From Normal, Daily Prompt.

Today’s Daily Prompt, Far from Normal, tell six things about yourself. Unusual, unique or odd. What a way to go.


1. Left-Handed. The best always are.
2. I’ve jumped out of an aeroplane. Because everyone should do something stupid once, as a learning exercise.
3. I’ve slept on the top of a mountain. For the silence and the sunrise.
4. I own too many books. Or not, you can never have too many books.
5. My talent is fixing things. I have usually taken them apart first, to see what is inside. A compulsion I have.
6. I want to know everything. So much interesting stuff, places, people. Where do you start?

22 thoughts on “Far From Normal, Daily Prompt.

  1. I’m a lefty too. And I agree…. one can never have too many books! I’m a little envious about the sleeping on top of the mountain thing, but as for the jumping out of the airplane… um…. no.


      1. It would definitely have to be closer to the ground for me. My father was a pilot but I didn’t inherit his love of flying. I think it was all the hours I spent barfing in the air-sickness bags that did me in and sort of took the fun out of it. LOL


  2. The difficulty with wanting to know everything is that with each new thing you learn…it opens up a whole new world previously unknown to you that then must be explored. šŸ™‚


    1. And there are some great second hand bookshops near me too, a I picked up 4 books for Ā£4 the other day, including a Collins dictionary and thesaurus. Lots of weight for my money. šŸ™‚



  3. Well I;m right-handed, and I don’t fix things well, but you hit me bull’s eye on the other four. I’m just now finding out how many of my books I didn’t give away when I bought my RV. I had them stored away in bins at my daughter’s home and now she’s bringing them to me at my Tucson apartment.


      1. Thanks for the suggestion. I saw a Christmas tree made of books. Perhaps I’ll look for other ideas. My apartment is quite small and I don’t have a single bookcase yets. In the house I sold before I started RVing, I had bookcases in every room, including the bathroom. And I truly did sell or give away hundreds of books before going on the road.


      2. I kept autographed books, ones written by authors I knew, and my travel, writing, bird and art books mostly. I had a huge collection of bird books and gave a lot to the local Audubon chapter, which sold them for a fund raiser. The fiction was much easier to let go because I rarely reread a book. Too many new ones out there. That’s one of the nice things these days about my Kindle. Any book I get for it is mine forever in the archives.

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