The Daily Prompt, It’s all about me

Not about me, but the title to my blog. It is a bit over two years now since I started Not Yet Here, and my idea was fairly simple in the beginning. I wanted a space to write. I needed to see the words on the page, both my prose and my poetry, even sometimes just the bones of an idea to be worked on.

Deep and with meaning.
Deep and with meaning.

These words, are about the journey, not from one place to another, just snapshots along the way. To remind me to take time. To enjoy now and not rush onwards looking for the undefinable moment when everything will be done. It has become the ground for my travel writing, my walking notes. And the title is a constant reminder of all this, there is a long way to go.

It has allowed me to set writing targets, a reason to write each week, and to get feedback (thanks everyone). Also I get to meet so many people, see what they are doing and enjoy the worlds they live in, travelling vicariously with them.
It is though a double-edged sword, we can all get lost in here, and forget that this is just a magic mirror. We live on this side, where the glass mists over with our living breath and seasons change outside our windows. I need to step outside, to feel the air, cold and fresh. I like to walk and look about me for inspiration; nature, people, the world, every thing I see becomes part of me. All you strangers, where are you going? I want this journey to be special, to keep my eyes open for the amazing that surrounds me, and to try to show this in my writing and pictures.


Dawn is never quiet in the woods
where my breath hangs in the air.
The sounds become louder,
the stream, the wind, birds calling.
while I am silent, lingering breath
wreathes away like the morning,
the sun and the hazy light.
I walk on into the shadows of the trees.

7 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt, It’s all about me

  1. Jim, I love the first line of that poem – well the whole thing, actually, but the first line grabbed me.
    Like you are suspended in the woods with your breath, even for a moment.

    It truly is about the amazing journey. Well stated.


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