The Raven, Watching

I’m hung up on this Raven at the moment, I’ll get it out of my system soon. In the meantime you will just need to bear with me. Blame Ted Hughes.



The Raven sits in the empty branches,
biding his time now the snow has gone.
There will be food when the cold
drives people away.

Then there is the hierarchy of scavengers,
dogs, drunks, birds, for dropped bags and full bins.

A Raucous calling, not for pleasure
this sound, or family, a dark rainbow
strutting bluff, oversized black-eyed
head-weaving hunter.

7 thoughts on “The Raven, Watching

  1. There are ravens around my place here in Arizonia. I always missed them when I was in Texas. Most of the Lone Star state only has crows. And there’s a great horned owl here on the apartment grounds. I’ve only heard him, but my neighbor says he sometimes does a day time flyby, so I’m anticipating the pleasure of seeing him — or her. Keep writing.


    1. Hope you get to see the owl, they are majestic in flight. I’ve seen a barn owls a couple of times, on night guard duties. Amazing to see them, in the bubble of silence they create.



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