The rain has arrived and the snow is leaving. I went for a walk around the park yesterday, fresh air and a change of view. I’m going quietly stir crazy with my arm in a sling and little I can do at the moment, next week I can start taking the body strap off and the sling off in the house. I might even get a good nights sleep soon.

Anyway, Snowmen. I love the snow and normally would be out there full-time, in the hills or just out enjoying the fresh air at this time of the year, but now I can only wander around the park and kick my feet through the slush on the footpaths. Next year I will be ready, for the moment it is a time of repair.

A short piece here to start the idea rolling that struck me as I walked.


The corpses of a thousand snowmen
litter the fields of England,
unlamented in the rain.
White headstones melting back
to the green, Winter markers.
We have had our fun and now
they sink back into the turning season.

Snowman's Lament
Snowmans Lament

This is just the idea of an idea at the moment, there is still lots to be done. It might be the start of a winter selection, It may even become something of a war poem. I am trying to keep writing, to keep my brain working, normally the physical work uses my energy and since at the moment that option doesn’t exist I need to do things to replace it. Hard work for my wife, she is picking up the slack for my single-handedness, (love you) perhaps my blog will even benefit as a result. Who knows you lucky people. My walk around Cwmcarn seems years away now, I am trawling mountain blogs to live vicariously through other people’s adventures. Getting out into the fresh air and walking about, seeing people going about their lives, feeling the wind and weather on your skin. This makes such a difference to my mental well-being, it’s easy to forget how important it is when we are tired or feeling low. The pale winter sun, rain, cold all still have a place in making us be alive, I’ve never been affected SADs or wished the winter away, I love to see the seasons changing around me, to see the world shaping and reshaping itself.

So how about everyone else, Summer sun or winter fun? What about the turning of the seasons, what’s the best moment in the calendar for you?

Remember each moment is where you are now, the end is never in sight.

Winters Hug
Winters Hug

7 thoughts on “Snowmen

  1. Our surroundings have an influence on our creative thought. There is an old bridge I must cross everyday at work. In the mornings the bridge is covered in fog. I imagine dragons hiding there. That bridge and the fog has inspired many poems and stories.


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