2012 to 2013

Sunrise over Crib Goch
Sunrise over Crib Goch

As 2012 prepares to fade into history, and 2013 – the young upstart, straps on his running shoes we seem to all be settling in to find and guide ourselves into a future as yet undecided. Where are you going this year? What are your goals, your objectives? To be frank, I’m not sure, I knew 12 would be a transition year for us. A year where we re-ordered our life and priorities. One of the goals for 2012 I achieved was the doubling of visits to my blog. This week I am close to four thousand for the year. Small fry in the general scheme, but it’s a number I like, so it is good. Thank you, all my visitors. I like you all, really. Even if I don’t know you.

Looking onward, 2013, what can I look for in the box yet to be opened, will the cat be alive or dead? And that is the pleasure for me at this time of year, the wondering, the ideas and the freshness of not knowing. All our hopes and dreams are given a shove at midnight 31st December, and we want those little boats of hope to catch the wind and sail into a history of achievement, so we can tick off another of our quiet wants.

One thing I think we often forget, is to acknowledge the old year for all we have learnt during its rise and fall. What can we take into 2013 and say “I learnt that in 2012”? I think I have learnt a bit more patience, to wait for things to happen, or not (others may say different). To enjoy my health, and to enjoy friends. I have learnt – to leave lists alone for other times.

For now, I want to get out into the hills more, to take more pictures (with people in as well my dear wife), to be fit for purpose, work and climbing. To be organised, (that one is a stretch) and to not stress over the things to be done.

I want to have a good year, with my family, with my friends, and especially with my wife. To travel some more,to see some things and do some things. And to carry on my writing, to get out into the scene and off the net might be the way to go this year.

So there it is,

To live and to dream, reach out for the new year.

15 thoughts on “2012 to 2013

  1. I don’t do new year’s resolutions, but I might adopt your list of desirables for 2013 wholesale – they’re spot on.


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