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It is Christmas, a time for family, for friends, for good will and happy times. Gifts to find for everyone and to think about what has passed during the year, and what is to come in the new year. This year has been a busy one for us, lots of change and lots happening. We have traveled, seen some sights. I have climbed some mountains, walked some miles.

I have written more this year than any other, and have been supported by people all over the world who read and comment as well as friends closer to home who have walked with me, laughed and joked with me and read or listened to my writing as we sat on top of mountains in weather good and bad.

To everyone, a big thank you. I will try to post again with my aspirations for the next year, blog wise. But for now, some snow.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Finally, to my wife, All My Love, my greatest supporter, editor, and reader.