Tag Cloud

I’ve taken away my tag cloud. While I like the look of those words floating casually at the side of my blog, I’m not sure of their use for visitors. Do you browse the tags? Seek ideas through them or should I leave them off? I find the lack of their comfort at my side somehow disturbing, silent. Which is a contradiction for me in that I keep silent so often when perhaps the spoken word would be a better way to go. I shall see how long before I need to put it back on the page.

Tag Cloud
My Tag Cloud

I’ve also added a Facebook widget, but find it only links to another page not a personal page, but a page. Which although it is linked is different, I am dissatisfied with how it works and so I need to do some research to get what I want.

So, Tags:

  • Do you use the tag cloud on someone’s blog?
  • Do you think they add something visually?
  • Inspiring or cluttering?

It will be interesting to see what you think.

2 thoughts on “Tag Cloud

    1. Yes, I think that may be its final purpose, I browse the tags sometimes to find new things to read. But rarely use it on someones blog. This is what made me look at it when I was changing my theme.



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