Cloudburst, A Love Story. (Romeo and Juliet)

Following last weeks post I have reintroduced the space around the words, extended the title, and found a new direction, or perhaps just released the old one? Let me know what you think about the line breaks, the lost and found of words and space. The original post can be found here.

Pinnacles in the Mist

Love Story (Romeo and Juliet)

Beneath the trees
layered green,
in the slanted light,
a mist glints.

I am waiting,
moments pass,
birds call,
shadows cross.

The smell of resin,
cold breath rises
with a light shadow
in solitude.

An old track waits for entropy to finish.

Weather is waiting
mist lowers,
drips from everything
wet to the touch.

Is rain coming?
The air is colder;
no longer contained.

The long landscape drifts
I descend
back into shadows,
I am lost.

7 thoughts on “Cloudburst, A Love Story. (Romeo and Juliet)

    1. Thank you, funny how after writing out the long version I was able to see what I was looking for in the notes in a clearer way. Much less than some other versions I have, but this one is the most comfortable.



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