At the start of the year one of the goals I set myself was to double the amount of views my blog achieved compared to last year. Today, with two months left of the year I have passed the mark. In the region of 3350 views of the various posts I have put up on my site. This year I also passed the 100 followers mark, now standing at 129 on WordPress (I don’t count Facebook or Twitter followers), so my fellow travelers, when you receive this, thanks for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me, and continue to read the random writing I choose to throw at you.

Every post has potential while being fraught with dangers unseen.
Every post has potential while being fraught with dangers unseen.

As I wander round the blogs I visit on a regular basis, I enjoy the wide spread of topics. I am sometimes jealous of the attention some get, then, on reflection remember how much extra time it would take to stay in touch with all those comments, likes and visitors. With popularity comes work, and life is busy for everyone, so I appreciate anyone who makes the effort to say hello and I try to reply.

I started blogging to give myself a reason, and somewhere, to write. Somewhere to improve both my poetry and prose, to test ideas and to keep a record of trips made on our travels. It has made a difference, trying to post at least once a week, to keep up the writing and to find topics, reasons to put pen to paper and then words to screen. This is a requirement I am told, to be a better writer, and I think it is true. Each time I read something on a blog, that is lucid and well written, funny or important, or simply with wonderful images for me to look at, I want to do the same for my readers.

Here’s to the next milestone, I won’t say what it is, I’ll just wait to see if it comes to pass. And remember, take the time to enjoy the view as you pass along the road. You don’t know what will have changed next time you pass this way.


8 thoughts on “Landmarks

  1. I very much enjoy your posts, Jim. Congratulations on meeting your blog goals! I first started blogging almost as a journalling exercise – now, connecting with other writers is my favorite thing about blogging.


  2. Well done, big Jim. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and poetry – usually while at work. Takes my mind off the stressful stuff. Keep up the good work!




  3. Thanks for thinking of your readers Jim. Your blog is one I read reguarly. Although I have long been a writer, and published almost daily in a newspaper for over 30 years, I feel my commitment to daily blogging has helped my writing tremendously. So keep writing. There are those of us who look for you every week.


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