Going down memory lane.
Going down memory lane.

Walking down memory lanes brings back the ghosts. Who you were, friends and places. All change with time. The difference is you see yourself each day, coming back you see a lifetimes age in a moment, more on the this later. For the moment there is a work in progress, started while visiting East Anglia as seen in my previous post.

Raise the ghosts of where it all began,
there are so many of you here,
wearing your lives
like visible emotions.

Close your eyes and prove I still exist.
I woke in the dark, not knowing how it got here,
arms reaching out in silence.
I didn’t know if you were there still.

All a quiet collected history,
people, places, a changing season.
The sky touching the earth
in a perfect circle around us.

Though we never saw it pick up
and move as we walked along the river.
Choosing its moment when our attention
wandered, to skip away from us.

Only the breeze to show
we had missed it again.

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