Coast to Coast

West Coast Sunset
West Coast Sunset

Road trip soon, travelling West to East across England. What will the day hold when I head back to a place that I haven’t been for nearly twenty-five years.

Travel in England has always been about going North to South or vice versa. We will be trying the impossible and heading for Norfolk from Somerset, there is no easy way to do this. You just head out and hope for the best; passing Gloucester, Oxford, Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Cambridge, St Neots, Thetford and finally passing Norwich to our destination at Cromer on the North Sea coast.

I spent time here, my second child was born in Kings Lynn, a trip into the past to see what has changed since many of the places I worked have been closed for years. I wonder what remains, and how it fits with the pictures I have in my mind. Hopefully there will be relaxing strolls along the seashore, the weather will be kind and we can settle into a short break after the busy few months we have had recently.

I have some videos to edit, some books to read, some writing to do, some competitions to enter, and coffee and quiet time with my wife. We shall be in a place by the sea, where you can smell the salt and hear the wind. Why does the sea call us? What makes us stand on the cliff or quay and wait, looking out for some sign. Seagulls are found in every city and urban sprawl these days but the sound of a seagull still has a tenor that echoes somewhere deeper inside us. I want to explore this link this week, and my past life here. What will the two ideas bring out in a piece of writing?

Next week I will know, and I can spread a coast to coast ride before your eyes and the picture will be of an East coast sunrise. See you all on the other side of the country.


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