The Ghost in the machine keeps ignoring me. What if this is the life we will lead.


Outside looking in, the door will not open.
I have received no calls for seven days.
This is not normal, perhaps I died
and they forgot to email the instructions.

I move again but the door continues
and ignores me. I know I am here,
watched by the camera, so somewhere
there is a watcher to prove my existence.

Perhaps the software is confused
because I am dead, but not yet deleted
or backed up maybe. How long
till a human voice tells me this is not right?

Press 1 for a list of options –
Sorry we do not recognise your voice.
Please hang up and try again.
Sorry, there is no record.

I follow you,
not here, yet
cold breath rolls across the shaft of light.

7 thoughts on “Dystopia

  1. This human voice is here to tell you –
    I recognize your voice
    In the woods the trees hear
    and knowing you are not dead nor deleted
    the trees back you up and dance in gratitude
    Your loving permeates the cells of everything around you
    This human voice thanks you for your human voice
    and sorry I couldn’t resist responding to this beautiful assessment of cyber life… and technology…
    not there yet – you are too!


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