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One last piece from this set, I feel that I have leached everything from it that I am prepared to go with. It’s been interesting to use a very restricted set of words, although I did allow myself a reasonable latitude in how I used them and tied them together. It was the essence of the lines that I wanted to use, and see if I could change the feeling and meaning by playing with the lines and positioning, just enough to produce new work.

The exercise has achieved what I wanted, it got me out of the rut I was in that had stopped me writing, and has allowed me to carry on with some other new pieces. I have finished the short story I was working on for the North Somerset Short Story Competition, and it is winging its way to the panel as we speak. So good things going on in the writing department. I had a good walk on Sunday, just over 13miles, I’ll do a longer write-up later, for now just one picture of the walk I’m calling a tale of two levels.

Across the Levels

Across the Levels, looking towards Brent Knoll.


I heard the rain in the trees,
it carried your voice to me.
Moon halo, cloud silence,
tonight the wind stays in the mountains,
afraid of the dry bones of the winter.
Low cut jeans and a gesture,
a look to die for, hoped for.
And at the end of the moment
footsteps and laughter
running through the silence,
It’s not that I see ghosts
Just their shadows as they brush past.