The Reality of a Coast Road

The reality of a coast road, drifting between brown rock and blue sea, the sky bleached by the sun. We continue south, hugging the coast even though it takes more time to follow natures curves. Time is what a holiday is, to smell salt in the air or see the clouds drifting across the mountain pass, with fleeting glimpses to the world spread around us. Time is the slow stop for coffee and food, strange languages and waved conversations. All add to the trip you make, however long or short.

We stopped of in La Manga, on the Mar Menor. A shallow lagoon full of the salt of decades. As the sun rises over the oversized lake you see towns and mountains spread around, our hotel room looked out over this natural lake. Used by humans for centuries. Creating a natural shelter, and a living from its violent volcanic formation. Now the sandbar is protected by a man-made reef, because it makes money from the beaches and tourists who come each year for the heat and the 22km stretch of beach, on both sides of the spit. Despite the heat, the time and time of year, we walked out onto an almost deserted seaside. In places like this you will never escape the blocks of apartments and the beach-side residences. But if you just look out to sea, there is just space. We stayed for one night of course, had pizza in a local bar and relaxed in the warm evening with the thin layer of salt on our skin and sand between our toes. Tomorrow was going to be our longest drive, but we would have a week to rest.

Blocks and blocks, everywhere you look.
Blocks and blocks, everywhere you look.
A view across the Mar Menor
A view across the Mar Menor
An old pump house to help use the land for salt extraction.
An old pump house to help use the land for salt extraction, one of many uses of the lake and land.

Not many pictures and few words, next post, Mijas and the Costa del Sol, and a walk into the hills above the sea.

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Just a short post today time is pressing for us at the moment, lots to do.

Live each day as a new journey, see where it leads and take the time to enjoy it.

Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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