Statistics and lies.

Today, I had the news of my 100th WordPress follower. Happy days, a nice milestone to achieve and to all of you out there. A huge HELLO and Thanks for joining me on this trip. On the sidebar however, it tells me I have 186 followers. Who the hell are they? I’ve not met 86 of them. A little look around and I discover my Facebook friends have been forcefully added as followers. Even though they have no choice in it. I send my blogs to my Facebook page. So somehow I missed the passing 100 point somewhere back in the distance, and didn’t even see it go past. Seems like cheating really. So I will stick with today as the date of achievement. I am a slave to these numbers, it’s Pete’s fault. Accountant that he is, he makes me want to know these things.

So Pete, if you see this – as a Facebook friend – It’s your fault.

What will I offer you for reading this idle chatter? A picture of our wild garden, Two weeks in Spain and the place goes nuts. I took the picture before strimming everything back to a usable space. Nature lovers, sorry.

Wild Garden
Wild Garden

A journey continuing, thanks for walking with me a while.

6 thoughts on “Statistics and lies.

  1. I second C.B.W. and I recently went to my 100th mark, too. But most of them never “like” or comment, in fact only a few, it seems, are actually following. I follow a bunch and I don’t get to all of the posts so I guess I’m gonna take it as it is.


    1. Yes, I try to keep up with everyone but it becomes hard work after a while. I don’t think being on Freshly Pressed would go down well for me. I’d never keep up!



      1. It would be an ego trip but I’m with you, Jim. I’d fail miserably at replying in a timely fashion. When I first started blogging in January I was here daily but it took too much away from real life. Needless to say, you’re one of the bloggers I can still get into…it may take a few days and I may miss one but you’ll always be one of my favorites!


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