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Today, I had the news of my 100th WordPress follower. Happy days, a nice milestone to achieve and to all of you out there. A huge HELLO and Thanks for joining me on this trip. On the sidebar however, it tells me I have 186 followers. Who the hell are they? I’ve not met 86 of them. A little look around and I discover my Facebook friends have been forcefully added as followers. Even though they have no choice in it. I send my blogs to my Facebook page. So somehow I missed the passing 100 point somewhere back in the distance, and didn’t even see it go past. Seems like cheating really. So I will stick with today as the date of achievement. I am a slave to these numbers, it’s Pete’s fault. Accountant that he is, he makes me want to know these things.

So Pete, if you see this – as a Facebook friend – It’s your fault.

What will I offer you for reading this idle chatter? A picture of our wild garden, Two weeks in Spain and the place goes nuts. I took the picture before strimming everything back to a usable space. Nature lovers, sorry.

Wild Garden

Wild Garden

A journey continuing, thanks for walking with me a while.