Home Again

We made it back to our place in France. I’m sure you are all glad to know this. Now I can get online with consistency and start the story of our trip. First a few numbers, we drove from near Clermont-Ferrand to La Cala de Mijas in Spain. On the way, we stopped in Calella first, North of Barcelona, trundled South to Castellon, followed by La Manga and finally La Cala de Mijas for a week of relaxing and a walk in the local hills. The return trip took us to Valencia, a brief stop for a swim and cool down at Torredembarra, then two nights in a beach town just South of the French border called Roses. And finally home to our house in the hills of the Auvergne.

Passing through wine country
Passing through wine country

All told about 2200miles – 3500km, thirteen nights away, no internet (well, not much). The weather was hot throughout, too hot for me, I need the cool of some virgin snow. The scenery was quite surreal, almost a lunar landscape in places, and we passed through some real tourist spots as well as more traditional places.

Crossing the Spanish border
Crossing the Spanish border

This was my first real foray into Spain, I have resisted the idea of sun, sea and sangria for a long time, it was time to see if it was all that, less or more. In the end it is always going to be a mixture, you can find what you want, if you look around. The people were friendly – despite our appalling grasp of the language. Not all Spanish speak English, despite what you are told, but that just makes it interesting and we didn’t go hungry or thirsty.

Over the next posts I’ll go into more detail about the places and the spaces we have visited and passed through. I’ll try to catch up on visiting everyone’s blog to see what you have been doing while I was away.

The View from the top.
The View from the top.

There is always something special about the moment you remember where you are returning to. Home, where the heart is as the saying goes. As the motorway climbs the hills into the Cantal region, we know we are nearly there. The excitement mounts, we know the place names and the sights now, and tonight we sleep in our own bed, wake to make the coffee and sit together in our own space. Do we carry our home with us when we travel, or is there somewhere special for all of us? Is it perhaps that we have our own sense of what is important, and that is different for all of us, what do you think? In the meantime, enjoy the view from wherever you are.


My lover – defined by mind,
by the curve of your back,
the scent of perfume on a pillow.
A phone call between places.
A sunset glow on the horizon,
and we can see from here
we are at the moment
of returning,
and we never knew
what we had forgotten.

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