Cars and Boats and Roads and Things

Well, after a hectic family weekend, we head south to The Auvergne, France tomorrow. Catching the afternoon ferry to Caen. The weather looks to be an Easterly breeze so the crossing may be rough.

We shall spend a night in Ouistreham then follow our tried and trusted route home. It’s been five months, I’m expecting big things from the garden! Three weeks then a trip back here – a week – home to France again. then who knows.

Travelling, out and about. What else could we do?

The Road Forward
The Road Forward

Moving between places always causes a disjointed few days, as we settle from one country to the next. Moments of confusion while we re-adjust to the new space we have.


The unsettled music of a moment.
Movement in the air, in the mind.

Unwanted changes to the silence
that surrounds a thought, the missed

word, balanced in the chaotic wind.
Asymmetry of waves in the air,

the stone making and spreading ripples,
reflecting from a rock, changing

the surface. Reflections scattered,
distorted by movement.

No subtle harmony will ever lift
this symphony from the noise.


6 thoughts on “Cars and Boats and Roads and Things

  1. Oh, Jim, you’ve done it again…subtle harmony, indeed. Hope you are having a lovely time in France, you lucky duck!


  2. Do you have a second home in France? I love Auvergne…and further south in the Cévennes or Ariège. I can’t decide where my favorite place is in this bloody country. I want to live everywhere at the same time with a large (preferably 3 bedroom with a balcony and no vis-à-vis) pied à terre in Paris (for a few days in the city – the museums darling).


    1. We have a house here, nearly finished renovating, just the outside to do now. This is the second one we have done, so later it will be up for sale. Family and whotnot want to see more of us for some reason. But we have lots of places still to visit in the country. We’ve been here seven years now, and have had great fun. Not easy, but better than working in a factory.



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