Home and Travel to Come.

Last week we received news that a good friend had passed away. She had been fighting cancer for over a year. Sometimes, when you meet someone you find easy friendship, quickly. It was this way with our friend and her husband. Our regret is not having the chance to know them as a couple longer.

We travelled North to the funeral, the service was simple and all about her and afterwards we had the chance to catch up with M. her husband, sad, lost in the crowd of it all. We were the friends who knew them from France, so knew no-one there but were made very welcome. Her personality shone through with the number of people she touched who came out to wish her safe journey.

An odd time as we settle back in at home, and in a week will be heading back to France for a short visit. We stopped off to visit family on our way home. A nice big family Easter Sunday lunch to help chase the blues away.

See you all soon, there are lots I need to write about so I’ll meet you on the road for the next part of the journey.


3 thoughts on “Home and Travel to Come.

  1. I hate not knowing how to express my sympathy without coming off as trite. There aren’t too many ways to say it but my heart goes out to you, Jim. I hope your memories will grow fonder and that all will be well.


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