Freedom, The Final Cut.

Here then are the final three pieces that I used on Thursday night for the poetry café. The fragments had a final lease of life as seen below, and my political piece was well received. Parachuting it seems though is not every-bodies idea of freedom and was taken with a quiet hmmm.

At the end of the day, we take our freedom lightly, expect it to be there when we look for it. Others have given of themselves for us to have the rights we take for granted. Scattered throughout the world there are memorials like the one below to these people.

WWII Memorial North Devon Coast.
WWII Memorial North Devon Coast.

I’m not convinced that we are fighting for the right things at the moment. But I will always have admiration for those who fight in the name of their country. My time in the forces was comparatively easy compared to now. It still marks me out as different from others in my mind. Strange after such a long time out of it.

Next time its walking and the great outdoors, and a lighter mood. As we head into summer and the nights get shorter there is more time for walking and even though there is no snow, the wildlife is abundant and the colour is exploding, so have fun out there.

Freedom the concept.

A rock, the big tangible whole of an idea.
Broken on some geological time-scale to pebbles,
smoothed and worn when the snow melts and torrents flow.
Uncountable, yet they will be picked and carried like hope
to the cairn that marks a turning point on a walk
in the autumn coloured trees.
When you can hold hands with someone
while you watch the passing clouds.
To look outwards and live forwards.
Because we all die in the end,
from this there is no freedom.


When you slide into the doorway of the plane,
look back into the eyes of the jumpmaster,
when the noise of the wind, the feel of the cold
metal edge of the door and the smell of the burnt
exhaust all fade away and you are falling,
tumbling, pulled towards the ground, focusing
and turning until the snap and drag stalls the dropping,
seeming to lift you, to place you on a blanket
that slows the sound around you. When thought
finally catches up with the action, and reality
sorts the wide green quilted pattern between your feet
into a real map, of a destination that is approaching
with sudden inevitability, and the hardness
of the earth once more surrounds you.

Warning Signs.

In the land of liberty
there are a few rules. We provide these
to ensure your future security.

Please do not feed strangers
or pause before crossing
to press the button acknowledging
you relinquish your rights
to some personal freedoms,
to be itemised in a future briefing.

CCTV is available for views
of the freedoms that we will allow
to all members of approved groups
previously proved to be amenable
to suggestions of loyalty to
a state of disinterested
political blankness.

There is nothing worthwhile beyond
the preset boundaries allocated to you
for your current status.
These boundaries are fluid, and may be modified
for your satisfaction, without prior consultation.

Your health is of the utmost importance to us,
therefore the tariff of costs is set to provide
a given value that cannot be understated.
Waiting times can and will vary, according to
the need for extra definition of worth.

Questions will be redirected to be answered
in person after a visit to a central unit and
will require two forms of identification.
No answers are guaranteed or to be assumed
correct. Denials will be issued in due course
and at a point suitable for publication.

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