Freedom – Part Two, Warning Signs

Continuing the theme this week of Freedom, here is the second piece of writing for this months poetry café theme. Two things here, I’m never very good with satire, it comes across wrong but I’ll give it a go this time, and I’m putting in some pictures. I’m never happy about breaking up the writing with them, just that I think they inspired this piece in some sort of bizarre way. We are told ‘no’ so much that we lose our thirst for adventure and sense of wonder. More to come on this topic, and I may regroup them with the finished works, so you can see how they turned out.

Caution, There is no lifeguard
Live your life without limits

Warning Signs. (First Draft)

In the land of liberty
there are a few rules. We provide these
to ensure your future security.

Please do not feed strangers
or pause before crossing
to press the button acknowledging
you relinquish your rights
to some personal freedoms,
to be itemised in a future briefing.

CCTV, We can see you 🙂

CCTV is available for views
of the freedoms that we will allow
to all members of approved groups
previously proved to be amenable
to suggestions of loyalty to
a state of disinterested
political blankness.


There is nothing worthwhile beyond
the preset boundaries allocated to you
for your current status.
These boundaries are fluid, and may be modified
for your satisfaction, without prior consultation.

Lost Children
Are we still lost?

Your health is of the utmost importance to us,
therefore the tariff of costs is set to provide
a given value that cannot be understated.
Waiting times can and will vary, according to
the need for extra definition of worth.

Questions will be redirected to be answered
in person after a visit to a central unit and
will require two forms of identification.
No answers are guaranteed or to be assumed
correct. Denials will be issued in due course
and at a point suitable for publication.

Sinking Mud
We're sinking here.

Falling Rocks
Rocks may fall at any time! How true.
This sums up the whole problem really.


8 thoughts on “Freedom – Part Two, Warning Signs

  1. I’m finally getting around to reading this and I wish I would’ve read it sooner. It matched my mood last week. I can’t believe I missed this. Woe is me. And I loved the pictures…apropo for your words. Especially the last one. When you can’t even go to the john in peace there is really something wrong with the world.


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