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Today is the day I change notebooks. Its been my companion for two years, but like so many things I’ve outgrown it. The last page is full and I need to move on.



Whenever the change happens, it is like having a new lover in a way, you get to know the paper, the way the pages turn even how close you can cram writing into the corners. I’ve gone from small and pocket-sized to large and handmade. A present from Jane for Christmas. We picked it up in Venice. The problem with any new notebook is what to write first. The handmade paper the leather binding, the smell and the memory of where it has come from, all add up to pressure to perform, I’m sat staring at a blank page. Holding my pen and wondering where to start.

Handmade books

Handmade books

The bookshop off a small square in Venice was wonderful, and Jane sent me off while she found the book for me. All over the shelves are notebooks, pads, diaries and painting books.

I’ve got a collection now of notebooks filled by my wild ramblings, and I do when I’m struggling to find inspiration drift back through them to find something. I fill them with ideas and single lines that come up. Then use them or not to expand on. I write up notes on the laptop, then print them out. All rewrites are done on the new sheet, then copied on the laptop. and the process continues until I have something I like.

The problem of this book is carrying it about in all weathers, it’s a bit big, and I will worry about the weather. I have to find a way of protecting it because I do want to use it.

Some people now are using the new tablet PC’s, but I do like the randomness of paper and pen. Plus most PC’s that allow touchscreen writing aren’t left-handed or my handwriting friendly. So I stay away from them.

What do you think? Paper or Tablet, how do you work? Do you take a camera or pad everywhere you go?

C B Wentworth Has been destroying notebooks in the name of inspiration for months now. How do yours end up. How far back can you travel, and do you like what you started out writing? I look back and cringe at some of the things I’ve written, I can’t even bring myself to rework some they are so bad.

After the Tagging post I though I would go somewhere sensible this time with this post. Let me know what you do and how it works for you and I’ll let you know how the first page goes.