Valentines Love Poem

Here for Valentines A Poem titled “This Year…” For Jane, my wife.

I will go where the snow is,
where the wind rises and pulls at the trees,
where sunrise and the sunset are filled by the day we have together.

I will speak to you, of all I see.
I will speak out loud all the things I love,
about the world and about you.

I will dream of everything to come,
and I will dream of nothing while we are silent in the dark
where the closeness of breathing means we are together,
even in our dreams.

I will walk with you when the rain begins to fall,
I will cover you to keep you warm,
I will be your tree, bending in the wind,
where the sound of raindrops on my leaves will lull you to sleep.

I will start each day with an idea of love,
and make each one real.
So you know how real each beginning is.

I will leave behind the old year,
all of its triumphs and failures to live now,
only now.

I will follow you while the world turns,
while the sun shows the way,
while we smile as we walk through the park,
while we live.

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