The Versatile Blogger

Versatile Blogger
Versatile Blogger

Planaquarium has put me on their list for this award, Thanks, its nice that you like what I do enough to put me onto your list.

They can be found here: Planaquarium Great images and writing.

My 15 links to blogs I like, how do you choose? I follow loads and try to drop in on as many as possible, but the more you find the longer it takes, there is so many interesting people out there. Work always interferes with time spent roaming the virtual world and walking in the real one. But this is my list, you are all great.

Paris at my Doorstep
Temporarily Lost Dot Com
Gin and Lemonade
Pat Bean
C B Wentworth
Bennis Inc
The Power Of Slow
Elly Huizinga
Connie Dona
Insanity Aquarium
Life and Art
Draw and Shoot
Lets Be Adventurers
The Long and the Short of It
Claire Wade
Francis Barker Art

All in no particular order, just places to visit and see some different aspects of life.

7 Random things about me?

I don’t like tomatoes.
I cook Chinese food.
I can juggle.
I like to watch Scooby Doo cartoons.
I played American Football in England for the Taunton Wyverns.
I drink strong coffee, often.
I am an aggressive left-handed militant.

Now I have to visit everyone and tell them. Is this one of those pyramid selling scams?
Pyramid for sale, One careful owner.


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