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Trig Point Aran Fawddwy

Trig Point Aran Fawddwy

White tops
glazed rocks,
rime just growing.
Jeune pousse,
just enough ice to touch
the shape of the hill.
Just enough to grow.

The trig point marking the summit of Aran Fawddwy, after the walk along the ridge with the wind pushing all the way this marked our furthest point for the day. From here we turned and started our descent. Not before taking picture of the first growth of ice and wind rime on the trig point stones. This can grow through the winter as cold and rain build up. This picture from Waun Fach shows how it grows.

Waun Fach summit cairn

Waun Fach summit cairn

I love the shapes and delicacy of the sculpture created by this natural event. I’m waiting for the next chance to head out and see some more that the British weather has to offer. I was reminded about these pictures by a post on Draw and Shoot a photography blog. A very good one too I think, go visit and see what you think.

The poem was written from notes taken on the day, the weather meant they were brief, and the subsequent poem shorter.
What do you think, too short – not enough? How do you feel about short pieces of writing in all forms. Short stories, micro stories, haiku?

I once took part in an online project called Your Messages, in response to a prompt you had to write a 300 word response/story in 24 hours. I think it makes every word work hard for its money, and keeps the writer on their toes. Does my effort make it in the short poetry stakes? Does it give enough of a picture to make itself worthwhile?

“Jeune Pousse” is the young growth, normally of salad. Sometimes children, in French.

Let me know what you think.