The end of something?

I am now into my second year on WordPress and this is my plan for the year.

I have changed theme and removed Postaweek2011 from my blog. Now we hit 2012 hard and fast. Swift kick in the nadgers and we are off and running. Seems odd though no longer having all those people posting under 2 banners. Being able to see how they got on each day and week, the struggles and the successes.

Breaking Out, Hand Sculpture on the Banks of Lake Balaton.
Breaking out into the New Year

I started the postaweek last year to help my poetry writing. It gave me targets to reach, a propulsion to write, even when it was inconvenient. This year I want to try to edit more and do more rewrites. To try to put together a collection of sorts. And also to submit work to magazines, lots more of that.

I was surprised at how much people enjoyed the walking posts, it is a pleasure for me to share the pictures and relive the walking. I want to take more pictures and walk locally this year. To see the places we miss because we see them all the time.

Take a bow Mr Shakespeare
Take a bow Mr Shakespeare

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