Devon travel

We are spending a week down in Devon. Driving in the west country is like nowhere else in England. Narrow deep lanes, mostly single track. And every trip takes longer than expected. The scenery in summer is wonderful. In this wild weather its is dramatic, with arching skies low clouds and wind coursing across the landscape. The trees are windswept and bare, the fields are lying in wait for the spring.

We drove across country last night, headlights bouncing of the steep sides of the lane and the bushes above. If we had met anyone coming in the opposite direction it would have been interesting. Tomorrow I am heading out for a walk around the cliffs of the North Devon coast, past Hartland point. There is a storm forecast for this afternoon so I hope tomorrow will be wild and woolly.

Sorry I haven’t replied to anyone this week, internet is intermittent at the moment so next week I will be catching up. We are heading around the country to see family and friends before work starts in January on some renovations and repairs on the house. So it will be Birmingham, Nottingham, Doncaster, Manchester. Then home in Weston-super-Mare for Christmas. In between all of this I hope to be able to do some shopping for presents. Who knows how it will go.

I love Christmas and believe that you should go out and choose gifts for people not just get what they ask for. This does lead to some confused looks but hey, that’s the way it goes. It’s the thinking about someone and choosing a gift that counts.

Should be on track next week anyway, I’ll try to get some pictures of Devon up this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Devon travel

  1. Driving on Exmoor in December, you’re far braver than I! I agree that it is beautiful at this time of year – and haunting too.


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