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Its been raining all day today, and more is forecast for tomorrow. We are packing ready for a short trip to England. Only a week to try to create space in the house by filling another one! Look from our balcony we can see where the Allier river has burst its banks, and the smaller Vendage has joined it to help it along, like a smaller boy tagging along with the bully.

Allier Flood Plain

Allier Flood Plain

Just over an hour later I took another picture before it got too dark. The water is still rising so it’s a good job we sit at 400m on a bluff overlooking the valley.

Allier Flood Plain, An hour or so later

The farmers were out in force collecting cows from the bottom fields and bringing them to safer places. The field on our side of the road were filling up last time we looked. Hopefully it will slow during the night to allow time for it to clear before rains starts again. I am also hoping for a respite so we can pack the car in the dry, we head off to England on Monday. More travel, I’m going to try to write as we travel, to capture the landscape as it changes while we drive. It will be good to see the family and catch up with some friends for a brief time. Then back to France to prepare the house for the harsh winter they say is coming.