Café in the Rain

In the café,
at a table on a rainy day,
with a blank page
crowding out the noise
of people and traffic.

I watch a drop of water
hanging on the windowsill
until it falls, joins the rain
falling on the boulevard.

We drink coffee,
watch the people
through the streaked window.
Drowned distorted shapes.

The door opens into our space
and a couple search for space
in the settled crowd,
no-one is going anywhere soon,

not in this weather.
In the silence and the rain
that fills the gaps around
the noise of the city.

Some Days travel slowly, and sitting in a crowded Parisian café is one of the best ways I have found of spending time that moves like quicksand, waiting for the moment to move on. We don’t stop and look very often, but holidays give us the time to stop and stare without the guilt of a working day. Everyone of us needs to stop sometimes and see the world around us. To let it wash over us as we move through life, even more when we are busy.

Shakespeare and Co, a fantastic bookshop in Paris and next door a great Café
Shakespeare and Co, a fantastic bookshop in Paris and next door a great Café

We visited the great bookshop, Shakespeare and Co, a labyrinthine shop of book treasures. Then sat and watched the rain fall and the world hurry past. Great memories.

Where’s your favourite bookshop, or maybe what type, indie or chain store?


7 thoughts on “Café in the Rain

    1. It is finally possible to find reasonable coffee in England. When we went back to the UK 5 years ago it was terrible. Thankfully as you say, coffee shops are opening everywhere. They are staying popular too. When in Hungary we sat for hours reading in street Cafés. Pity the weather holds us back, could change a whole culture.



  1. I love sitting at a Starbuck’s cafe in a large Barnes and Noble bookstore in Rowlett, Texas. The tables look out over all those books and the people who want to read them. I jot notes down of the scene, and of my thoughts, in my ever-present journal, and slowly drink a large iced latte. When it is gone, I stick around until the ice in the clear plastic glass is melted, and then I drink that, too.


    1. In the UK our local is the Costa Coffee, with attached bookshop. just not very comfortably squeezed together. But still a good place to relax and read, while observing of course. 🙂


  2. wow, I liked this, (~_~) we live in a small town with one major book store and a handful of resale/old book stores. The ‘Hastings bookstore’ offers a lot of community get togethers for book signings, poetry reading and a quaint little coffeeshop where you can pick up a book and read. Your post made me want to jump on a plane and go there (grin)


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