Heart Hospital

First rewrite of the previous poem, Heart Hospital. There’s more added, a little background to the story. Let me know any comparisons you have of the two.

Heart Hospital

A collection of broken-hearted lovers
walking slowly round the square.
Silent downcast eyes,
carrying isolation on sagging shoulders.
Random particles,
looking for collision to free them.
Later, from our room across the square,
looking through trees and the street-lights glow.
There are faces at the windows looking out.
You switch on the light, and there is only
my face in the dark glass.

2 thoughts on “Heart Hospital

  1. Your poem made me think of the time when I finally left a marriage long-gone bad. Everywhere I looked I saw couples, while I cried alone on my apartment balcony every night for two weeks. And then I finally asked what in the blazes was I doing mourning something I never had. From that day forward, the face reflecting back to me from a mirror has always been a happy one. Keep writing your poetry. It will always sing to someone’s heart.


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