Homeward Bound, Tihany


Resting in the crook of the elbow,
green just turning on autumn,
where passing trade alights
photographs and leaves
and the water gently nudges
to remind the us of the shoreline.
Where in the shade we quietly read
warm in the sun, waiting for tomorrow
and the long drive home.

As we prepared to leave Hungary and head back towards France, we spent one last day at Tihany, resting and relaxing on the beach. I went for a walk, took in some sights and met Jane at the beach. We then trundled up to Rege’s for a last coffee and cake up there. All in all Hungary has been a great trip. Balaton a great place to visit. I would recommend it for anyone looking to relax, It certainly got us away from the hustle and bustle of life.


2 thoughts on “Homeward Bound, Tihany

  1. Your poetry spoke to me this morning. I’m beginning a final drive of 1200 miles over four days to the Texas Gulf Coast, which once was home to me, and for the past three days I have just been lazing around in Tucson at my youngest daughter’s home. Thanks for sharing. Hope your trip was all you hoped it to be. Mine right now is going too fast, but still enjoyable. .


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