Although we are home in France and getting back to work, I will go post about the trip we have made and the places we have been. After a week of relaxing at Lake Balaton, Balatonfured we headed to Budapest. We had been told it was a beautiful city so had high hopes. We booked a hotel and spent a night and a day, trying to avoid the rushing around that normally comes with a short trip to a city. This trip we concentrated on Pest, walked around the town and visited the central market. A place full of peppers, paprika and spicy sausages. There was some other stuff I’m sure but can’t have been as good as the paprika.

The Chain Bridge, Budapest
The Chain Bridge, Budapest

The architecture is fabulous, I love to wander the streets with no place to go and soak up the atmosphere. The thing we both noticed was how so many cities seem to be getting homogenized, all the same names on the main streets and all the same knick-knacks on the cheap stalls. The people in the coffee shops were friendly, and once we figured out that we needed to order coffee american with milk, to get what we wanted everything fell into place. Gerbaud’s cake shop, great place to spend time watching the world go by. Spoons, a boat, cafe, restaurant. Another of the good places to eat, drink and to sit and watch.

A deserted mall, in Budapest.
A deserted mall, in Budapest.

We did of course have a trip on the Danube on one of the boats, we got to see the Buda side of the river without the walking. All in all, it is a place I think we will visit again, for a bit longer, to explore more.


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