Walking in Hungary

Friday I set of for a stroll in the hills above Balatonfured. On a warm day with the hint of a breeze I walked through woodland to the Summit of a hill called Tamas-Hegy, the first climb on the way to Recsec-Hegy. I didn’t know what to expect so just going for a walk to clear my mind and lungs was the worst I could get.

At the top there is tower, built for tourists like me to get a good view of the area. A great idea as without it all views wood be hidden in the woods. The strange thing was the silence at the start. No birds to hear, nothing rustling in the undergrowth. No other walkers. I’m not used to such isolation as well marked and easy to follow trails.

It was apparent by all the hunting towers that this was a popular area. For food or sport. Luckily today all was quiet. It wasn’t until I stopped for lunch, up the tower at Recsec-Hegy, that I heard the call of a stag in the woods. After that, there seemed to be things hiding everywhere, and as I turned into a valley for the homeward leg I startled a small deer. The only four-legged creature I saw, but the birds had found their voice and the woods had woodpeckers, chaffinch, a strange crow like bird, and other small winged creatures. Normality returned, perhaps they had a tough night?

At about 12 miles, and at best 400m it wasn’t the most strenuous of walks, but very pleasant and with plenty of greenery, and animal life to see in the end. Well signed by the National park, and open tracks mostly, which I’m glad of as in the narrower sections the spiders were doing their best to trap me. countless cobwebs and spiders, all of course becoming attached to me. I love an optimist. And they did work hard to try to slow me down. All in all a good day out. I’ll post photos in another post tomorrow.

Today, we have hit the beach again and done nothing except sit and read. I have finished John LeCarre’s Smiley series this holiday. An excellent read, I would recommend them to anyone. While watching, I found this little idea, watching the watchers so to speak.

Just called Touch.


A brush of a finger on a forearm,
a hand, reaching out, the turn of a head
to find the touch.

He sits, watching, smoking,
towel spread out, book,
waiting to be read.

All the while, someone leans across a table,
touches fingers to the curved neck beside them.
A gentle drawing under, skin to skin.

While he waits,

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