We have arrived. Lake Balaton – Hungary, After the changing landscape of Italy, its open landscapes with villages and vineyards and on into Slovenia where, after explaining that we were English but had a French registered car we were able to get a ticket for the toll roads, to then cross its sharply rising tree covered hills with a backdrop of Austrian mountains. It was a pleasure to see and finally into Hungary, where the land gently levelled out and we dropped down into wide flat fields. After an hour driving around the lake we pulled up outside our hotel on a balmy evening, unpacked and made our first foray out to see where we were.

Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton

After Lake Garda, big enough in its own right I was waiting to see how big Balaton would be. It’s big!

Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton
The strange thing is, unlike the sea, there are few waves. Only from passing boats, and no salt smell, which I expect from such an expanse of water. The people seem friendly and evening strolls are the norm along the lakeside.

The Language is though, completely unlike any others. And with English and French being the only two I know, we are lost. The mind takes over and wants to answer in French, but here, German is the main second language. Jane knows a bit, but the best I can manage is beer and lots of pointing. I can now say thank you, the most important word when you are a stranger. Since it is a holiday destination, most bars and restaurants have English menus – or pictures – so I think we will survive.

Fishing on Lake Balaton
Fishing on Lake Balaton

We are simply unwinding at the moment, relaxing and reading. Enjoying being away from everything, soon we will explore some more. Budapest is an hour away and after coming all this way it seems churlish not to visit.

Next time there may be some poetic input (or output) to the story. Relaxing is taking precedence at the moment so I’ll settle for that.


Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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