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Vanishing Point

On the horizon,
where everything meets
but nothing does.
Where vision springs apart
like a pair of startled lovers,
fading into the blue distance
behind the dim headlights
that trace the half remembered
names of villages and mountains
seen, but never reached;
and as the sun sets or the rain falls
and darkness reels in the distance,
everything is a sheet of black, with music
and rolling credits to mark the end.

The point where everything ends, where we are heading all the time. Tomorrow we head for Lake Garda in Italy. Having just returned from the UK yesterday, lots of new places to see over the next three weeks, I’ll try to keep in touch as we pass some places and spaces new to us. We should be at Lake Balaton, in Hungary by Saturday with two weeks to explore the area. There’s supposed to be some good wine made near by so that should be good.