The Principle of Flight

The Principle of Flight

An idea has taken shape and has hold
of certain groups of citizens
that flight – to or from dangers
we may, or may not acknowledge –
constitutes a reasonable reason
to don suits of metallic plastic.
To stand on high places and,
in defiance of natural,
god driven laws,
into an unknown medium.
The fact of survivors
of this phenomenon
sending postcards home
from beaches in places
we do not care to believe exist
is strenuously denied.
Friends or relatives receiving these cards
should discard them without delay.

While watching parascenders stepping of from the mountains and wondering about the world of people being controlled by governments everywhere. I thought about Icarus and his son. And the idea of escape, propaganda, and control all get pushed together.

The question really is does this work. I will probably fiddle with this for the next few weeks, then put it away to see what I think in a month or so. It may in one form or another reappear.

We are travelling at the moment, and the car has broken down. During the evening, in the build up to a Bank-Holiday. What better time can we ask for. Family has been great and will be ferrying us about to sort all of this, and we should be mobile again soon. Makes you realise, it’s just a pile of scrap metal really if it stops. The petrol in the tank (we had just filled up and it didn’t restart at the garage) is worth more than the metalwork around it.

All part of life’s rich tapestry.

4 thoughts on “The Principle of Flight

  1. As a traveler, your words appeal to me. I especially like the comment about life’s rich tapestry. I do indeed find it this way, especially when one opens their eyes and really looks at the world around them. Thanks for sharing Jim.


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