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Changing countries is always a challenge and we have returned to our project in France. It has meant that I have not had much time for writing, hence the lack of work recently. The weather has been hot, very hot. The work this week outside of travelling has been physical. I have however finished my short story and sent it in to the competition, so freeing my time for more productive pursuits. There are only so many rewrites to be done on a 1500 word story. And Jane has lost the will to live and read any more versions. She is though a hero in her work as chief critic and proofreader. A storm has cleared the air a little and I hope that the coolness will make sleep a little more comfortable, oh for air-conditioning.

A piece from the rain we have I hope left behind in England.

Almost Rain.

With nothing to see in the clouds,
colour leached out by stooped people.
At least while it falls there is urgency,

a need.

Seen from inside, lines form on the window
no tears these, only clouded judgement
to push further into a clear sky dream.