I have this week completed the Butcombe Trail. A pub to pub walk on the Mendips created by the Butcombe Brewery to encourage people out into the countryside and also to their pubs. It has been a good experience and I have enjoyed walking in a group, friends and others who joined as we went along. So often I walk by myself in France and England and these walks bring a social life into what can be a solitary pastime.

So Well done Mike and John, who finished with me. And thanks to Pete the organiser of so much of this, and also to Kath, another Mike, Colin who joined us this time, Dave et al, see you all soon on the next outing. A footnote, Jeremy – where were you?

This is then, directed to the walking, alone and in a group that shows me what’s out there, and inside.

A Walk Among Friends

In a day, in a sight, a seed of memory of a place,
of dry grass underfoot or a carpet of flowers,
the wild garlic smell and the wind in the trees.
A line of people walking through green shade
and sun and changing time to the last turn,
last climb with nothing left but the end in sight.
We have nowhere else to go except to look around
and know more than before when I walked alone
in a green wood, when a blackbird sang and the cloud
cast a shadow, a reminder of mist on the ridge,
that showed us a slow step to the edge of the world.
Left me here looking across the levels, passing time
that moves colour as I draw a breath of rain soaked air
in a life that grows as a story whenever I look away.


4 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Really enjoyed this. I had a sense of your specific journey with this group but also the undercurrent or shadow of some other path. Despite being with others, memories were triggered, making a connection, between this trail, this day, and your past journeys.


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