Just This

I have just visited a blog by Zachary Gray Sanderson. I find it endlessly fascinating how other people write, sometimes it makes me think about something I have written, or may provide the key for a new piece as in this case.

His work numbered simply “9” found here inspired me to write this small piece called Just This.

Words can be used in so many different ways and used to create many unusual pieces of creative writing.

Just This

Just this, just his, just
his this, justice, this

dearth, death this just
is his justice. This life

lies dormant, as his door
is this way to his heart

felt, light as lies lying
down in his heart.

Let me know what you prefer – this sort of abstract work, or the more traditional versed, rhymed poetry.

6 thoughts on “Just This

  1. oops … fingers bungled, typos yur = your
    anuse = amuse
    puclish = publish….
    and sometimes the typos are inspiring as well. 🙂


  2. Thank you for yur comment about Blooming… and I like Just This as a place to start.
    I, too, will often be moved to write by a single letter or word…. if I am present to the muse, the muse will anuse and delight – turning on de light… LOL. Is it all worth puclishing? I do not know, yet if it inspires someone else, the perhaps?
    Love word play any day.


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