Moving House

We have finally moved into our new house, I finished the kitchen enough to live with, we have no kitchen sink at the moment. We do have a laundry sink to use though. There are a few last things to move from the old house and a week to clean and tidy everything ready for the final signing. Then away to the UK for three weeks – fitting a kitchen! Ah well summer beckons and the hills are calling.

I have been writing a short story over the last month, for the Weston-super-Mare Short Story Competition. As a result my poetry writing has suffered. I am trying to go back over some older writing and do some revisions or pick up some work that didn’t make the cut first time round. Does anyone else find themselves blocked on one side (poetry) because of writing something else? I hope to have some more to add soon.


Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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