Cherry Blossom

This year, spring has come early to the Auvergne. The Flowering Cherry in the garden has done its thing, and nature is in fast forward. We are nearly moved into a new house, and see our old one changing. In this area there are many empty ruins, which in England would be snapped up and renovated. Houses wait for people my wife tells me, maybe they live in a different time, like trees. On a bigger scale and at a slower pace. What do you think?

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom is early
this year and the house is quiet,
waits now they have gone.
Lives slow time
with the birds
nesting in the eaves.

This started much longer but as ever I keep losing bits as I edit. I like the shortness, the image.

Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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