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After driving 560miles and crossing the English Channel we have arrived back home in France. It is however, cold and damp. We have the fire on since it is -5c at midday here. There is a sprinkle of snow left in ditches and at the edge of fields but nothing else this low down. Snow line is at 1600m at the moment. We seem to be getting better at arriving. But packing the car was a crisis pack. So much stuff, and we bought a window to put in over here. Totally threw out the packing scheme. We are cleaning and tidying and waiting for friends to arrive next week. Catching up with the village gossip, and enjoying a bottle of wine.

Of to the Alps next week to do my first serious winter walk with a friend. So here’s hoping the weather holds good.
I hope to post some proper writing soon. Or maybe write some prose about the trip over here. Not much but people watching and driving across France. We like it, Although it was strange because Rosie, our springer spaniel died in November so coming back has been quieter than usual. I suppose we will get used to her not being here but it is still odd at the moment.

In the meantime, have fun everyone.