Poetry Cafe, At The Carlton Poets in Weston-super-Mare

Tonight is the Poetry Cafe, Last Thursday of each month, there is a theme, but it is optional. Let me know if you want to visit and I’ll give you the details.

whenever I am here I like to go along and read my work out to a group of like-minded people. Even if sometimes they just look confused. Or for some of the shorter pieces, just kinda waiting. I like that quiet moment when they suddenly register that it is finished and that they can think about it. Not everyone’s style but it tends to be mine.

It is very different to publishing online, where you can’t see the whites of their eyes so to speak. And so I think makes a better writer of you. Listening to your own writing read out loud, even if it is you reading it is very important to your work. I couldn’t do with out it. Kudos to my wife who has to endure endless repetition until I finally get to a point that I feel it can be inflicted on the public.

How is it for you? Do you do any reading out loud? Your own or others work. and does it change what you think about a piece of writing? Let me know.



3 thoughts on “Poetry Cafe, At The Carlton Poets in Weston-super-Mare

  1. I almost always read out loud, to hear the cadence spoken. We have no poetry readings here, as yet, the nearest to me is about 100 miles away, and a long journey for an evening round trip in snow… That may be changing soon. We have a new dynamic young librarian and just this week I suggested we start something at our local library. I’m going to post one of my first published poems for you to read aloud and ask you how it feels reading it… Deal?
    Also, there is a poet, Taylor Mali, ( http://www.Taylor Mali.com) on you tube who reads aloud – you might enjoy him, serious and humorous, sometimes downright hilarious and always with a serious statement. Like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCNIBV87wV4


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