A Horse and a Car

Travelling on foot and driving in the rain to work on the nightshift, always a strange mix and some things seem to link themselves.

A Horse and a Car
While walking, or driving possibly. But in each case
being well prepared for the task at hand,
I enjoyed the rain that fell, straight and heavy
and hard enough to sit firmly on the floor
when it landed. I passed slowly a large field.
Surrounded by trees, fenced in and dripping
a horse gave misery a companion as he watched me pass
along dryly in a waterproof cocoon. Until, distracted
by the bright splashes of red lights ahead I pulled my eyes
away from the deep black lashed eyes of the horse
watching me as I left. There was no movement, no recognition
just the simple resignation of a horse in the rain
as I turned of the road towards a drier nights work.


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