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Preaching Man.

On the high street each day,
rain or shine he’s there, the preaching man.
Claims he knows Jesus, personally.

A relationship that glosses his eyes,
makes something in him shine
when he speaks about it.

He tries to tell everyone this good news,
most just walk by, but every once in a while
someone listens.

And then you might notice,
this is a man, living in the world,
who has found
a friend.


Black Haired Girl.

With her pulled back dark hair,
her high boots and high hem
neatly filled with stockinged legs.
Pale skin and long fingers,
painted nails and a featured body,
where have you been today
in the summer sun?

Who are you waiting for
at the café table
in the French summer sun,
in the heat of the day.
We both wait for someone,
watch the passing crowd
and drink our coffee alone.