Wrting 101, Day 5 and 6.


Another Two days of writing 101. Today is Remembrance Day, 11th day of the 11th month. So pick a quote and write from that.

The pity of war, the pity war distilled.
Now men will go content with what we spoiled.
Or, discontent, boil bloody and be spilled.

Strange Meeting, Wilfred Owen.

Where now do we meet when war becomes to fluid,
bloody still but changed, hidden and crouched,
sudden and home personal.

No uniform charge across disputed ground,
but deaths remote wings now hunt
where-ever they choose.

Day 6, Create a contact page, seems easy – Here it is So try it out and get in touch.

Writing 101, Catching Up, Day 3 and Day 4


Catching up again with the assignments but feel it would be a bit rushed to throw them all on one post, so I shall do them in two parts till I am up to date.

Oak tree detail.
Oak tree detail.

Day Three – A single word of inspiration “Secret” picked from a cast of several.


How can something so small,
hidden under layers and pressed
diamond like, hardening
to a wooden knot.
Grain swirled,
contorted around a secret,
cupped, smoothed under hand,
touching, but not knowing,
touched smooth,
grain raised to tell an age
with a story.

Day Four

From a selection of images, I have chosen a woodland scene. I’ve also thrown in a picture of my own below.

Trees mingling on the slopes
Trees mingling on the slopes

Woodland Silence.

except for the birds,
the warning calls, chattering wings
and dashing flight.

in the wind in leaves,
among the branches
and crossing the rough ground.

sharpened by the sun and shade,
the morning mist and water
running away somewhere.

with time to take footsteps
and stand and wait
for the rest to catch up.

More tomorrow, take care people.



I’ve started the WordPress Writing 101 project, and already I’m behind. So here is day two. Day One can be seen on my page here – Day One.

Day Two – Poetry: Incorporate numbers into a poem, or focus your poem on things you like, wish for, or have learned.

So here is Poetry, by the numbers.


One is the truth, no lower, no higher.
Two is in balance, waiting, Seeking calm.
Three is the choice, the answer in waiting.
Four is one extra, one out in the cold.
Five stand strong, taller than most, far-seeing.
Six brings knowledge, not what we want, but what is there.
Seven walks close, whispering with envy and sharp edges.
Eight will always weep with the pain of the lost.
Nine, a wanderer over the land, high places and snow lines.
Ten is more, but less than we should know.
Eleven on one side, just as many as we need.
Twelve times we counted, and still wanted more.
Thirteen the number of the feast, how bad can it be?
Fourteen lines that make the square to end the count.

I’ll try to catch up with the prompts now, or at least see how many I can use. All the bright lights in the sky this week, Bonfires and Fireworks and lots of noise. Take care and keep looking up.

Paddington Station

Escalators II
Escalators II

Waiting at the station, travelling on the underground, arriving at the last stop on the journey. I always enjoy a trip by rail. So much to see, people, places, so many unknown stories.

I was returning from a trip to Wembley to see the Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars. A great day out, a great game to watch for me, I had no particular preference for either team (except not Buffalo, they are rivals to Miami) so I relaxed and enjoyed the spectacle. More to come from these games, the NFL is playing three in London again this year.


Hotel Terminus.

We’ll always be here, the watching few, watching the visitors
walking past.

I just got left behind that’s all, something happened one day
and I got a little out of time. I’m dislocated and can’t catch up.

Have a good trip, no matter where you are headed.

Lost Somewhere Between Here and There.

Blood Moon
Blood Moon

I’ve just looked at the calendar, bad move. This year has been a year and a half, crammed into six months, and it’s only October. Look what happens when you get busy doing changes, in life and home. When we look back through our diary for the year we will wonder how it all happened, we are still here and that counts for a lot.

Looking out from Snowdon.
Looking out from Snowdon.

I’ve climbed mountains, moved countries, knocked down walls, and rebuilt some stuff too. Writing hasn’t been easy, my blog has been thin on the ground although I have written some poetry along the way. And where next, who knows, probably a little early to start looking at the year over my shoulder so I’ll just smile and walk ahead, enjoying the changing colour of the leaves on the trees and possibility of snow in the mountains.

On the road.
On the road.

I’m trying to decide on two poems to send to the National Poetry Competition, I can’t put them up on here as that would constitute publication. So I’ll sit and seek the ideal that someone else is looking for all on my own. In the meantime, as I have been doing recently, fragments to ponder.

Unfinished Business

… I think there was purpose,
yet it became vague

And left an ill feeling on the page.
I am not sure but this may be
my fault…


Self Portrait
Self Portrait


White Noise.

… the white dot of closedown
is missing, no longer disappearing
with a hiss and a dip into blackness.

I watched the Moon turn red earlier in September, the world, the Sun and the Moon continuing to dance in space for our delight. So much to enjoy and all the time in the world to find it. Be interested in everything, find out how it works and always ask questions.

Black and White

French Skies
French Skies

Edited image taken on a recent trip to France. I’m looking at Black and White images a lot at the moment, re-visiting some old photos. Still getting to grips with Adobe Lightroom, the more I delve the more I find to try out. Using Raw files, to keep the integrity of the original photo as taken, while allowing the ability to try to remove various edits. I’m nearly finished cataloguing my collection, next I want to separate family and friends from landscape photography, another slow process.

It looks like the weather is turning this week, Autumn is coming with changing colours and changing light. I hope to get some regular writing done in the darkening evenings, using the long nights to catch up.

What ever you are up to at the moment, do it with gusto, attack life and keep it moving. And smile a lot.